OA Insiders Resources: Essential Tools for Amazon Success

As an Amazon seller, having access to essential resources is crucial for staying ahead of the competition and achieving your business goals. At OA Insiders, we understand the value of these resources, and that’s why we provide a carefully curated list of Recommended Tools. Please note that these are not our products or services; rather, they are tools and programs made by other companies that we wholeheartedly recommend for your success on the Amazon marketplace.


BQool (Used by our team!)

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BQool offers Conditional Repricing as an option – this allows you to set “rules” that change what strategy will be used on each item based on things like Inventory Age or Sales Velocity. They also offer AI options!


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Aura is a very popular repricer and boasts a great user interface that makes learning repricing a breeze! They recently added AI capabilities into their repricing and can be an affordable option compared to some other repricers.

Seller Snap

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The ultimate repricer for experienced sellers with a larger number of SKUs – Seller Snap uses “Game theory” to react to other sellers’ strategies.


PPP is another one of our recommended repricers. It is unique in that it allows you to set your repricing settings for each ASIN directly on that ASIN’s listing page! Linked below.


Walmart Elite Mastermind: Elevate Your Sourcing Game with Exclusive Insights

Walmart Elite Mastermind

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Access to a Mastermind group to help you learn and grow, support from Walmart experts, and weekly deals lists for wholesale products. Plus two month webinars where you can learn about new sourcing strategies, Walmart tools, optimization, guidelines and more!

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OA Challenge Replays

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OA Challenge Replays is a great option if you’re interested in getting full access to the most recent OA Challenge instead of waiting for the next live event.

Product Research


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A Google Chrome Extension that displays a on-page product research tool on Amazon pages. They offer a 30-day trial (and then you can get a discount after that with our code). We like both RevSeller and AZInsight equally. AZInsight does however offer the ability to create subaccounts for VAs or other team members.


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A Google Chrome Extension that displays a on-page product research tool on Amazon pages. They offer a 30-day trial (and then you can get a discount after that with our code). It also displays very helpful variation information!

OA Buddy

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When visiting a Retail Site, OA Buddy will alert you on key information related to making purchases on that site. Applies to 500+ retail sites in our database. OA Buddy will show you order limits and quantity limits commonly encountered with each retailer.

UPC Finder

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Each retailer that is activated in UPC Finder has a tailored made solution to precisely pin-point the product’s UPC. If a retailer’s product page contains variations that are accessible, those UPC’s are displayed as well. These are also set up to allow you to quickly search for the UPC on Amazon and other channels. Click Learn More to see some of the other helpful features!


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SmartScout.com helps Amazon sellers find brands eager to collaborate and top-selling products effortlessly. Utilize Smart Filters for efficient brand discovery and product research. Stay ahead of the competition with key metrics analysis and organized subcategory navigation.

Inventory and account Management

Replen Dashboard

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Replen Dashboard tracks sales velocity for your items and will recommend how many items should be reordered to restock for 30, 60, or 90 days! You can filter by profit and ROI to make sure you’re reordering the correct number of the best items!

Seller Candy

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A subscription-based service that handles account health and account management tasks for you, including contacting Seller Support about things like lost inbound shipments, inventory adjustments, mishandled returns, Plans of Action and ASIN reinstatements, weekly revenue recovery checks, and much more…

Prep Centers

NOTE: All prep centers listed below accept both Wholesale and OA items.

Prep CenterDiscountStateTAX FREEUsed BooksAdditional Info
MidAmerica Prep
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Mention OA Insiders and get $100 in free prep!MD Italian TrulliItalian Trulli Wholesale volume discounts
Boxy Prep
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Mention OA Insiders and get your first 100 units prepped free of cost!MI Italian Trulli Italian TrulliNo Sign up Fee, Strong Emphasis on Custom Bundles and other Unique Packing
Network Prep
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100 units prepped FREE and $250 sign-up fee waived when you put “OA Insiders” in the “How did you hear about us” portion of the signup! OR Italian Trulli Italian Trulli
Elite Prep
Visit Site svg{fill:#178ce6}
Mention OA Insiders and get your first 100 units prepped free of cost!NJ Italian Trulli Italian TrulliExperts in Wholesale, Books, Apparel & Footwear Prep